Sweet Trade was opened in the spirit of family, Aloha, and a deep respect for our roots in traditional tattooing.

We are dedicated to providing a pleasant atmosphere, the highest standards in sterilization, and beautiful, long lasting, original tattoos.

Adam Considine – View Tattoo Gallery – Contact Artist

Adam Considine is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He has been a professional artist since 1996, and came to Sweet Trade Tattoo in September of 2012 after falling in love with the ocean.  Adam is a master oil painter who works with traditional American, Japanese and Polynesian tattoo.

Adam and his wife, Athena, came to Maui for their honeymoon and decided quickly that this was the place for them.  Adam & Athena love surfing, snorkeling, hiking with their dogs, and just enjoying a family day at the beach.

Adam Considine, Owner at Artist at Sweet Trade Tattoo

Monica Painter–Magical Unicorn – View Tattoo Gallery – Contact Artist

Monica Painter is a San Francisco Bay Area native with over ten years of experience in the arts. When she’s not washing sand out of her bikini or making up silly ukulele songs, Monica strives to create classic tattoo designs that will remain bold for a lifetime. Her work spans from Colorful Flora and Fauna Tattoos to American Traditional Tattoo designs and everywhere in between. Each piece she creates is uniquely designed to compliment the wearer. Monica is a guest artist who visit us once a year.

Monica Painter, Guest Artist

Trevor Aarsvold–Guest Artist – View Tattoo Gallery – Contact Artist

Trevor Aarsvold is a resident artist at Timeless Tattoo in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He became a full-time artist at age 18. His tattoo apprenticeship consisted of studying tattoo arts and learning to paint classic traditional tattoo flash. He maintains his affinity for classic imagery while bringing a modern touch to the American and Japanese Traditional tattoo. He loves bringing his approach to Maui to create the perfect tattoo for each individual.

When Trevor isn’t tattooing or drawing, he is most likely playing guitar or biking. He is drawn to the immaculate beauty on the island and comes back as often as he possibly can.

Trevor Aarsvold, Guest Artist

Shop Manager

Athena Angelic – Contact

Athena Angelic is the shop manager for Sweet Trade Tattoo.  Athena, her husband Adam, and their dogs moved to Maui in 2012.  Athena started her business, Such Good Dogs, in 2009 and moved it to Maui in 2012.  Athena is a full-time Animal Behavior Certified Dog Trainer and uses positive reinforcement training methods.  Athena specializes in training fearful and aggressive dogs, but also trains family dogs in basic manners, trick training, and specialized Service Dog training.  Since living on the island, Athena and Adam have also adopted two new dogs, Devo & Ahsoka.  When she is not spending her time with dogs, Athena is in the shop helping clients and making sure everything continues to run smoothly.

Athena Angelic, Shop Manager